tweet_note: An unfakeable timestamp notebook

I have a confession. I don't like tweeting that much. I always feel like I sound like an idiot. And with tweets, I run into the possibility of sounding like an idiot at a much higher rate.

But... I do love the idea of keeping timestamped notes for/about myself and what I'm working on.

This led me to build a twitter account that no one else can read.

What did you say?

Yes I know it seems like the exact opposite of what Twitter is about (trying to get everyone's attention, everywhere). But instead of having a separate notes app, now I can just store all my dumb thoughts right next to my public ones.

The only drawback comes from an inability to easily digest my notes in chronological order. So to fix this I built myself a little program to read in my recent tweets and turn them into a pretty little document.

When I run, it builds an html table to display all the tweets in the last day, reversed so the first one is at the top. I took the elegant table style from John Sardine.

As always, the code is available and free to use from my GitHub. I'd love it if somebody could hook it up to work on Google App Engine, but at the moment that's too much work for me.

how it works

It's set up similarly to my earlier #ActsOfSuperness game, except that it runs using the user_timeline function of the Twitter API. And instead of writing to Google DataStore, it just has to write a local html file. All in all, it's much simpler.

Check out the readme on github for more info

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