RASER Week 5 - Review Game

We've learned a lot so far in the RASER program by now. So to remind us about all of the things we've learned, we want to have a competition and see who remembers the most.

Lightning Review Game

Below we have 6 challenges from the previous 4 weeks. The challenges are each given different numbers of points based on how tough we think they are.

See if you can remember how to build each of the following:

  • 10 pts - Battery powered LED with resistor (Answer)
  • 25 pts - 2 Battery powered LEDs in parallel (Answer)
  • 33 pts - Battery powered LED with variable resistor (Answer)
  • 47 pts - Arduino powered LED (Answer)
  • 53 pts - Arduino powered blinking LED (Answer)
  • 61 pts - Read Arduino Serial Input (Answer)

How did you do? Can you explain how each of the circuits worked? Would you be able to explain how much current was flowing through the circuits?

Hopefully, that review was helpful.

RASER students in action!

The results are in for the first competition of the season. We had a strong showing from all teams, but in the end, the winners were The Chicken Nuggets and The Guys Who Are Really Good At Making Circuits And Arduinos And Stuff. (I'm sorry if I got that name wrong. It's a tough one to remember.)

Here are some pictures of the students working on their projects during the competition.

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