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Build Jekyll from Google Colab and commit to Github

This was a fun little project that I thought could be really useful to anyone running a blog from Jekyll. Sometimes I find myself wanting to write a quick and easy post even when I don't have my laptop. Since my jekyll site has some packages that GH Pages doesn't support, I normally have to build the site manually. I came up with a free workaround where I commit my changes to the main branch on Github, and then simply run a Google Colab notebook that builds commits and pushes back to Github's gh-pages branch. You can check out the notebook on Github if you need this. The first part of the program is just concerned with building and checking in to the gh-pages repository of choice. The second part is perhaps slightly more interesting as it automatically generates a pull request for the gh-pages branch of the upstream. This is somewhat specific to my setup for solarpunk.blue, but it could be adapted for any project.

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