Help us build the Quantum Multiverse Bifurcator!

Lets tear a hole in Burning Man's spacetime continuum

Some friends and I are currenly working on an awesome project that we're trying to bring to Black Rock City this summer. We're building a quantum physics apparatus that splits the Multiverse and sends participants' lives along separate parallel realities. And if that isn't enough of a mind-warp, the machine also opens a gate to one of two unique portals through the Multiverse for any brave interdimensional being to explore.

We think our art piece is going to solve the only bad thing about Burning Man. Check out this video and read on to see the project and what we need to help us build it.

Playing dice with the universe

We love both the ideas and the experiences that this project creates and we're so excited to share it with Black Rock City. We took an early version of our installation with us to SF Decompression, and we were blown away at the response. The questions people asked ranged from the deepest to the most immediate. People split the Multiverse on who they should marry, on which drugs to take, on whether to continue their career, or whether they should sleep with the stranger they just met.

We expect this project to both challenge burners' minds and generate an intensely engaging experience. There's really no better place in the world to debut a scifi-philosophy-puzzle art installation than at Burning Man.

Quantum Multiverse Bifurcator prototype model

Since what we're building is different than a lot of art on Playa, we expect to have a significant impact on how BRC is experienced this year (especially since this year's theme is the Multiverse). On the flip side, doing something so unconventional makes the work that much more difficult. That means we need as much help as we can get trying to pull this off.

Ways you can help

If you think this project is worthwhile, there are a number of ways to get involved and make it a reality.

Acquiring equipment

Like everything we do, we're trying to accomplish this with minimal waste on a miniscule budget. Still, there are some things only money can buy. If you can help, we'd appreciate if you can make a donation. This is an entirely volunteer run effort, and every penny we make is going into materials, equipment and transportation. As always, every little bit helps. $10 could buy 15 feet of LED lighting and help our installation to be visible at night. Below we have a parts list that includes exactly what we'll be buying with all the money we raise.

As a bonus for your generosity, if you can donate at least $50 and send me an email letting me know , I will personally make you one of the QMB prototypes like the one shown in the video.

Quantum Multiverse Bifurcator prototype
Other ways to help

We're going to need a lot of different equipment and materials. For materials, most of what we need is basically junk anyway, but it takes a lot of effort to collect it. We need used tents, tarps, LED strands, scrap metal and electronics goods. We also need a ton of destroyed bike tubes. And if you have a Gieger counter lying around we could use a couple of those too. Also, any previous BRC camp material will come in handy for keeping a roof over our heads during all of this.

We have a detailed item list that you can view here if you'd like to contribute something. If you have anything useful and you live somewhere in the SF Bay Area, send me an email , and I'll come pick it up from you.

Finally, if you really love the project and you want to really get your hands dirty, we have a bunch of stuff that still needs to be built. We'd love any assistance or advice. We are also looking for two more crew members to come with us to the Playa this year so please reach out if you are interested.

Learn more about progress on the project

I will be continually updating this page as we make progress, but if you want to get email updates you can add your email here. I promise the emails are all very anti-spam.

And if you're interested to follow our progress up to now, you can check out the articles and pages below.

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