an effect may have several causes, some of which are necessary and others accidental

Some say bonkerfield took the "about me" page too far.

Below, I've summarized my views on what makes up my self and how I decide how I should act. I hope you can appreciate this effort, and that you consider articulating the reasons that motivate you too.

My identity is composite and continuous

When I say "me" I'm not talking about an atomic individual or a subjective internal mind. When I say "me," I mean a continuum of fields of information.

I act as if I believe the universe has a purpose

I have derived a thought experiment that, taken with a few reasonable premises, has led me to conclude that I must treat the universe as if it has a purpose.

I believe my actions should aim to help the universe fulfill its purpose

Importantly, just because I accept that the universe has a purpose, this doesn't mean that I know this purpose. However, using another thought experiment, I've concluded that I should still assume that there is some way to ascertain the actions necessary to aid with the purpose of the universe.

I optimize my decisions over a multitude of intuitions

My intuitions are composite, impermanent, and hard to pin down, and yet they are all that's able to tell me what to do. I can never clearly know what is best to do so I can only choose my actions from an immeasurable probabilistic function.

So this is what I do.

In some ways, as a friend of mine pointed out, I guess this all boils down to a lengthy metaphysical argument for "follow your heart." But at least that's a start.

So what do you do?

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